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Kansas City Attorneys There are a lot of great lawyers in Kansas City.  We are consistently asked by our clients, and also by our colleagues, on those attorneys that we would recommend to others.  So, we reached out to some firms that we trust to write a little blurb about their area of law.  Enjoy. Probate Law in Kansas City Probate is the process where a person’s property is passed after their death.  There are two types of probate estates in Kansas City.  First, there are testate estates.  These are estate where there is a will.  In these cases, you file the will with the court and then the Judge will pass property according to the terms of the will.  Although there are times when the will is “contested” (that is, when someone sues because they think that the terms of the will are invalid – such as when an elderly person gets taken advantage of), the Judge will generally pass all property according to the terms of the Will.  The second type of probate estate is an intestate estate.  These estates are where there is not a will.  In these cases, the Judge will pass the proper of the deceased according to state law.  Generally, the spouse gets 1/2 of everything with the remainder being given to the children or other heirs. Kansas City Divorce Law Getting a divorce attorney in Kansas City is a major decision.  First, a divorce is a tricky thing that takes a significant amount of mental and emotional energy on your part.  Given this dynamic, it is crucial to find a divorce lawyer that meets your personal needs.  You don’t want to find the cheapest lawyer, the most aggressive, or one that promises a “quick” solution.  Instead, you should spend some time to find one that can listen to your needs and help you meet your own personal goals.  If your goals is to minimize conflict, then find one that can help you do this.  However, you need a good attorney that is willing to challenge you if you are letting your rights slip away just because you don’t have the mental energy to fight.  Let your attorney do all the fighting on your behalf and you can just easily let it go. Truck and Auto Accidents Getting into an auto accident in Kansas City can be a devastating experience.  First, there are health issues to deal with.  This includes the obvious health problems, like a broken wrist or a concussion.  Unfortunately, there are also health problems that take longer to show up, like whiplash or other soft tissue injuries.  Finally, there are long-lasting injuries that can cause pain throughout life, like a back injury. What’s unfortunate in these situations is that the insurance company is very concerned about reducing their claims and not very concerned about your health and welfare.  They have a sophisticated system in place to deny claims and wear you down. Then, they try and delay claims as long as …

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